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Home Loans

The doorway to your Dream Home. A Loan for different needs. Home loan bears lowest possible rate of interest a financial institution can offer.

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Loan against Property

We help you shape and position your business services in a way that enhances the output of your clients.

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Reverse Mortgage Loan

A reverse mortgage is a type of home loan for older homeowners that requires no
monthly mortgage payments.

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Lease Rental Discounting

Lease Renting Discounting is a term loan offered to property owners who receive fixed rent from tenants against their owned premises.

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The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises is thrust area of Indian Banking System. Every financial institute has some special products designed for MSME borrowers.

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Letter Of Credit (Foreign/Inland)

A letter of credit is a financial document provided by a third party (with no direct interest in the transaction), mostly a bank or a financial institution.

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Business Term Loans (Without Collateral)

Enjoy business growth or expansion without disturbing your personal investments or taking multiple loans.

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Term Loans - Against Colleteral

A term loan is a loan from a bank for a specific amount that has a specified repayment schedule and a fixed or floating interest rate.

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Buyer’s Credit

A buyer’s credit is a loan facility extended to an importer by a bank or financial institution to finance the purchase of capital goods or services and other big-ticket items.

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Bills Discounting

Invoice/Bill discounting can be technically defined as the selling of bill to bill’s discounting company before the due date of payment at a value which is less than the invoice amount.

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Letter of Credit Backed Bill Discounting (LCBD)

Discounting of Letter of Credit is a short-term credit facility provided by the bank to the beneficiary. Bank purchases the documents or bills of the exporter (beneficiary) after he fulfills certain compliance’s.

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Cash Credit/Constant Overdraft/LAP Overdraft

Under Cash credit facility, a line of credit is provided to the borrower on the basis of his projected level of sales, inventories, receivables and cash requirements.

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Export Packing Credit in Foreign Currency

Packing credit is basically a loan provided to exporters to purchase raw materials, process, manufacture, pack, market and transport the required goods and services procurement before actual shipment.

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Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee (BG) is an agreement between 3 parties viz. the bank, the beneficiary (party to whom the guarantee is given) and the applicant (party who seeks the bank guarantee from the bank).

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Our Key process followed for the success of your company

We live in the world of data now; data allows us to make realistic decisions about the future. No financial department or company can claim to have completed its work unless they have financial projections ready. Bizfin Service helps clients create dynamic financial projections that take real data and map out realistic outcomes.

Smart people know better than to take steps based on gut feelings alone. Financial projections are a necessity for any company. As the leader of the company, you need to know how your finances will look the next year.This also has the benefit of alerting you to any red flags you may be unaware of.

We work with our clients and do a deep analysis of their business. We help prepare possible outcomes to different decisions.
Strategic planning means planning in a way that maximises outcomes. Many companies reach success once but then end up floundering. The very reason is failure of financial forecast and future financial planning. BizFin ensures that all of its clients have a strategic plan that outlines the company’s vision and how it aims to achieve that vision.

In order for any business to succeed they need to have the right planning, the right strategy, and the right execution of these things. BizFin helps its clients expand and grow by providing them with all three. We know how important it is to have the right plan, if your plan is wrong then every step you take will be in the wrong direction as well. This moves companies away from their objective instead of towards it. We study our clients deeply before suggesting any plan because we have to ensure that we have all the variables in check.

Once we have a plan, we work with our clients on creating a strategy. Many people think strategy and plan are the same but BizFin knows better. We know that plan is what we try to achieve and strategy is how we are going to achieve it.

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